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Pelvic Therapist | Healer |  Pleasure Coach

Meet Dr. Liv

Natural Health Specialist

Hi! I’m Dr. Liv and I strongly believe that the pelvic floor is the root and foundation of who we are as women. A vibrant pelvic floor connection allows us to know who we are and love ourselves for it, to enjoy pleasure in our daily lives, and to live a life that feels nourishing and satisfying. When you are lit from within, the confidence, turned-on, pleasure-filled, radiant you shines out transforming your life.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in the pelvic floor, an RYT-200 Certified Yoga Teacher including prenatal yoga teacher certified, Reiki Level 2 practitioner, and a certified Integrative Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach. These days, though, you can best describe me as an Empowerment Coach and Healer. I guide women who feel lost in their lives, uncomfortable, and/or disconnected from their bodies back home to themselves and into a life that feels really good.

As a coach, healer, and pelvic therapist, I help women reconnect back to their root, their pelvic floors, which is our power center as women, in order to create a life that feels really nourishing and satisfying from a rooted and empowered place. We often disconnect from this area of our bodies as we grow up and society begins to tell us who we are and what we should act like, look like, dress like, eat, and so much more. As we emotionally disconnect from our authentic self and our own intuition, we begin to physically box ourselves up in our pelvic floors. By reconnecting to this area we are able to reconnect to what actually makes us happy and gives us the confidence to pursue a life that is filled with pleasure and feels vibrant and satisfying. I invite you to get curious and see the magic that being in tune with your body brings to your life. 



"Working with Dr. Liv really helped me get to the root of the issues I was dealing with in such a safe and supportive way. It can definitely be uncomfortable to talk about this stuff--pelvic floor issues, emotions-- but with Dr. Liv I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I left feeling so much relief. Doing this work can be life-changing!"

Kate Potvin, Fertility Coach


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