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Hi! I’m Dr. Liv and I strongly believe that the pelvic floor is the root and foundation of who we are as women. A healthy pelvic floor connection allows us to know who we are and love ourselves for it, to enjoy pleasure and being active, and to truly love our bodies. When we have a healthy connection to our pelvic floors, we are able to connect to our bodies and embrace a vibrant life. 

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in the pelvic floor, an RYT-200 Certified Yoga Teacher including prenatal yoga teacher certified, and a certified Integrative Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach. These days, though, you can best describe me as an Intuitive Body Coach and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. I help women who feel lost, uncomfortable, and/or disconnected from their bodies reconnect back into their bodies and themselves.

Whether you’ve battled your body over the years, are navigating through the changes that come with pregnancy, or getting used to your new postpartum body, I help you tune in to your body. From there, we heal not only your physical frustrations but also heal from the inside out to bring more vibrancy to your life. When you choose to work with me, we go in depth to look at the function of your physical body and how you’re emotionally connecting to your physical being. We work the mind and body to reach your goals, whether that’s incontinence that’s limiting your fitness goals or feeling uncomfortable in your body that’s limiting you in your career and relationship goals. I invite you to get curious and see the magic that being in tune with your body brings to your life. 


Why Work with Dr. Liv?


Guiding you through the physical and emotional changes during the prenatal and postpartum phases of motherhood.

Helping you reconnect and love your body after years of hating on it.

Guiding you back into connection with your body through breath work and movement.
Helping you overcome incontinence so you can go back to being active in your life without having to worry about peeing your pants.
Weight Loss

Guiding you into a life full of pleasure.

Help you embrace a wellness program that feels good in your body.


"Dr. Liv is one of those rare individuals who achieves a perfect balance of holistic body/energy work and science-driven medical practice. Her deep and genuine care for her clients’ health and overall well-being is matched by her good humor and gentle, pragmatic manner. Her knowledge, attention, and care were integral to my postpartum recovery after a long and difficult labor. I cannot recommend her more highly to women seeking to become their most vibrant, healthy selves."

Danielle Dubail – Mama to two, Doula, Artist and Graphic Designer


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