Feeling disconnected from your body?

Commit to a 3 month program where we address the mind-body connection, guiding you into a deeper love and understanding of your body in order to be a more confident and empowered woman in all of who you are.

This program is for you if...

You are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life

You are feeling drained by life

You are feeling disconnected from your body

You are struggling to orgasm

You experience painful cramps during your period

You feel uncomfortable in your body

You are ready to make a HUGE change in how you feel.

3 Month Program Includes:

  • An initial 90 minute intake call to get you started.

  • 2 zoom/in-person sessions per month covering

    • Movement practices to teach you the anatomy and energetics of how the body works and connect your mind back into what your body needs to truly feel nourished.

    • Mindset work to connect you to your true authentic self and create new neural pathways in order to up level your life.

    • Breathwork practices to tune you back to your intuitive, confident inner Goddess.

  • Resources to help you up level your life including

    • Movement practices customized to you

    • Personalized audio meditations

    • PDF lifestyle recommendations

    • Journaling exercises to help you unravel your blocks and learn to move past them

  • Support via Voxer (voice text)

  • A transformation into your most authentic, empowered self by connecting to your root, breaking through your blocks, and integrating into your daily life so this radiant confident woman becomes who you are in every moment.

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