Love Your Body

Video podcast episode on the physical and energetic properties of the pelvic floor and *bonus* ways to start healing your pelvic floor right now. 


The root consult

A 1:1 45 minute coaching call to help you gain clarity, direction and walk away with tangible tools to support your next steps. Ideal if you have a question or need some guidance on where to go next in your healing journey.


Root Intensive

A 90-minute 1:1 session diving deep into your connection to your root. Includes breathwork/meditation, workbook, and resources to keep the work going post-session.


1:1 Coaching

3-Month Coaching Program where we dive deep into what is blocking you from creating a life that feels good, learn how to process these blocks, and guide you in creating new neural pathways so that you can leave behind stress and anxiety and create that amazing life.


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