Experiencing aches and pains and looking for physical therapy that treats the person not just the ailment?

Dr. Liv is skilled in treating women's health issues including pelvic pain, incontinence or "leaking", prenatal/postpartum, and diastasis recti as well as hip, neck, and back pain.

I treat from a whole body perspective using my experience as a women's health and nutrition coach, yoga teacher, and physical therapist to empower women with the knowledge to heal themselves.

Your sessions will involve an individualized blend of manual therapy, physical exercises, breathing activities, and lifestyle coaching. I give you the tools you need to take charge of your own health.

$160 for Initial 75 minute Evaluation, $120 for 60-minute Follow-Up Sessions

*Note: Physical therapy services only available to those residing in Colorado.


Additionally, I have chosen to use a business model that allows me to provide the highest quality care to my patients.  In traditional physical therapy clinics that accept insurance, treatment decisions are often influenced by insurance reimbursement rates and what the insurance company is willing to cover.  This does not put your needs first.  Because of this, I have chosen to not accept any insurance.  I work for you, not the insurance companies.