Orgasms as a Spiritual Practice

How Orgasms Can Lead to More Pleasure in Daily Life

Oh, the orgasm- highly sought after yet rarely talked about.

I was drinking coffee the other morning and orgasms were on my mind. Specifically, orgasms in women and how many of us aren’t having enough of them OR giving them enough credit as a powerful tool for healing.

Unfortunately, orgasms are one of those taboo subjects that a lot of us feel uncomfortable discussing. For women specifically, there can be shame and embarrassment around the word orgasm that is fueled by rampant misinformation and inaccurate portrayals in porn and on TV.

There is much more to an orgasm than society has led us to believe.

Orgasms are a beautiful and nonnegotiable part of a passionate and sensual life and we as women have an even greater ability to use orgasms as a spiritual practice- a practice that connects us to our bodies and therefore allows us to find more pleasure and satisfaction in daily life.

Orgasms are obviously enjoyable, but they can hold an even deeper meaning, especially for women since our power lies within the pelvic floor.

Is it possible that opening yourself up to the pleasure of an orgasm can invite more passion and sensuality into your daily life? Can we really use orgasms as a spiritual practice?

What Exactly is an Orgasm?

Of course, to dive deeper into orgasms and their place in our spiritual lives, it can be helpful to first describe what an orgasm even is. Scientifically, an orgasm is best defined as a “feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity.” Most would consider the orgasm the “climax” of a sexual experience.

The feeling of an orgasm can be kind of hard to describe, and there’s no exact formula for what it takes for a person to get there. Women and men obviously experience orgasms in different ways, and for women especially, usually both mental and physical stimulation are needed for arriving at climax.

Orgasms are special because they are physical, energetic, and psychological responses to a specific type of stimulation. You may be most familiar with the physical sensations that occur during an orgasm, but there are energetic components as well. We’ll discuss them both.

The Physical Component of Orgasms

So what happens in the body physically during an orgasm?

The body undergoes several physical reactions at the height of arousal. Of course, there are some slight differences between female and male physical responses but here are a few things that usually happen among both men and women during sex and at the moment of orgasm:

  • Swelling in the body

  • Increased blood flow to the genitalia

  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate

  • Twitching and/or spasming muscles

  • Release of “feel-good” hormones

I do believe that we undermine the importance of having this type of physical experience. The physical sensations of an orgasm are highly enjoyable and worthwhile on their own. However, there are also powerful energetic aspects of orgasms that are lesser known and not often discussed.

The Energetic Component of Orgasms

What is super interesting to me personally as an energy worker, are the subtle and energetic components of orgasmic release.

There is a French term for orgasms: La Petit Mort, which means “the little death.” I think this so beautifully represents the energy of orgasming. Death is shedding of the old and an opportunity for rebirth.

This means, to me, that orgasms represent the energy of what is possible. There is this ‘conceiving’ component to orgasms that relates to giving birth to new possibilities. In the moment of orgasming you are at a higher frequency which can be powerful for manifestation.

There is also an energetic connection between the throat and sacral chakras which connects your voice to who you are and what you desire. This is also extremely important for manifestation and plays a role in getting clear on our deepest desires and the ability to receive them.

For an orgasm to be possible, there has to be a release of control. This vulnerability also coincides with receiving energy and helps open us up to that which is meant for us. Opening up to these powerful energetic components allows us to reap the spiritual benefits of orgasms.

Benefits of Orgasms

As I mentioned in a prior post, a lot of scientific studies on our health and bodies have been dominated by male testing subjects. That has led to a lack of information (and surplus of misinformation) regarding the female body.

This of course translates to orgasm research as well, and for far longer than it should have been, orgasms in women were a bit of a mystery.

It’s very obvious, evolution wise, why men orgasm. However, the evolutionary reason women orgasm is debated since orgasms are not necessary for a woman to get pregnant. Science has its theories. Some scientists might even argue that female orgasms have no benefit but I believe this is far from the truth.

We, as women, hold power in our pelvic floors and orgasms are a great way to tune in to this important area of the body. I believe that we can use orgasms as a spiritual practice that helps us find more pleasure in daily life and a stronger connection to ourselves.

Finding Pleasure in Daily Life

Orgasms are intense and relatively brief moments of pleasure. However, we can use them as a tool to cultivate lasting fulfillment in daily life. Giving yourself permission to explore this intimate part of your body that has for so many women been appropriated by society can help you find other types of pleasure.

In sexual exploration (solo or otherwise), you learn what you like and don't like, what you desire and don't, and also learn to voice these things with your partner in the bedroom. This starts to give you the confidence and teach you to do the same in the external day to day, for example- knowing how you want to work and standing up for yourself within your career.

An orgasm is also an effective lesson in being present. For most women, to have an orgasm, being fully present is necessary. This involves being fully aware of your body and its sensations. This teaches you to be fully present for yourself and fully present to what your body is telling you.

This strengthens your intuition and helps you learn how to trust yourself and your body’s wisdom. When we are listening to our inner guidance and following our inner compass, opportunities present themselves and we are able to live out our soul’s purpose.

When living in this alignment, there is more pleasure and joy to be found, even in the mundane. Orgasms can teach us how to be more self-aware, intune, and alive. They also help us create and maintain a powerful connection to our pelvic floors.

Creating a Connection to the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is the core of a woman’s body and plays a role in confidence, manifestation, and living a truly satisfying and radiant life. Because the pelvic floor holds our sexual organs (among other things), sexual pleasure and orgasms are a direct means for reconnecting to this area of the body that is sometimes taken for granted or neglected.

This reconnecting and exploration of yourself is a sacred spiritual practice. In the same way that you cannot force an orgasm, you cannot force or hustle through cultivating a connection to yourself. Our nervous systems have to feel safe and calm to rest in this connection.

The pelvic floor is an area of the body that correlates with the root and sacral chakra. Root and sacral chakras are so much of who we are in our identity, our self worth, and our desires that reconnecting to this area reconnects you back to yourself. Reconnecting to your root and sacral chakras opens up the energetic channel of who you are underneath all of society's masks.

This connection to the pelvic floor that can be cultivated with orgasms and sexual exploration can help you find fulfillment and shine as the truest version of yourself. Giving yourself permission to explore this connection is an important part of your journey to empowerment.

How Empowerment Coaching Can Help

Empowerment coaching is incredibly important for all women, especially those who have felt shame or embarrassment regarding their own sexual pleasure or those that have felt disconnected to their own bodies.

Taking time to get to know yourself and explore your desires on a deeper level is an amazing form of self-care. Prioritizing this type of self care and making time for yourself and this connection is an act of love from yourself to yourself. This helps in loving your core being and valuing yourself more.

Empowerment coaching can help you see the benefit of exploring who you are and what you want in life. It can help you see your own power and remind you that it’s ok to speak up about your desires and to be relentless in pursuing your dreams.

Embodying the essence of who you are is important for healing old wounds and unresolved trauma. Healing is hard work, and you don’t have to do it alone. We all need a support team from time to time and a coach is a great addition to your self-care toolkit.

1:1 Coaching for Transformation

It’s clear that orgasms are beautiful experiences that have many lasting benefits to health and happiness. However, if you struggle to orgasm or experience discomfort during sex, you are definitely not alone.

These are just a couple of the common complaints I’ve heard from women that led me to create my one-on-one coaching program. My knowledge as a pelvic floor physical therapist, energy worker, yoga teacher, and empowerment coach has culminated into this program for women that are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and/or burnt out.

The focus of my work is helping women connect to their pelvic floors, which ultimately leads to greater connection to the whole body. You will quickly see that giving yourself permission to experience pleasure within the physical body, opens you up to pleasure in every area of life.

I will share with you both physical and spiritual practices that help you heal, grow, and step into your power. The attention that I am able to provide you during these three months is vital for your inner transformation.

I believe that the world needs more women that are fully alive and have given themselves permission to explore themselves physically and emotionally. When we embrace who we are, we give other women the permission to do the same.

Come on, I know you’re ready to have more orgasms, and you totally deserve to have an orgasmic life.

Are you ready to embrace orgasms as a spiritual practice and step into your unique power as a woman?

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