The Pelvic Floor and Confidence 

What’s the Connection and Why It Matters to You

While I was working as a pelvic floor physical therapist, I started noticing some pretty interesting things. The physical work that I was doing with women had many incredible, yet unintended consequences. Though my work was focused on physical examinations and exercises for the pelvic floor, my clients often reported many surprising emotional benefits. 

There is a direct and magical connection between emotional wellbeing and the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor work can lead to amazing transformation and empowerment. Through this work, women can learn to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. 

I truly believe that a healthy relationship with your womb space is the foundation for living the life of your dreams. To connect with the pelvic floor is to connect with yourself in a primal, intimate, and profound way. 

What is the Pelvic Floor

To understand the pelvic floor’s connection to confidence, it is obviously important to first explain what exactly the term pelvic floor refers to. Many women know very little about this area of their own body and are unaware of the amazing and life-sustaining functions that it performs.  

The pelvic floor is what I would consider the root and center of a woman's body. It's shaped like a bowl, extending from hip to hip and from the front of your body to the back. Inside the bowl are your digestive organs, your sexual organs, and a bundle of nerves that give you all the good sensations along with all of the vascular and lymphatic structures that nourish all of these.

All of this is supported by the pelvic floor muscles, often referred to as the hammock that holds everything else up. Just like other muscles in the body, these can get tight and tense. You can strain, overwork, and strengthen or weaken these muscles. 

As far as subtle energies go, the pelvic floor is connected to both the root and sacral chakra. These energetic centers are related to feelings of safety and security as well as your creativity, sexuality, and sense of self-worth. 

The root chakra is the first and foundation of the seven chakras. When in balance, this chakra helps you move through day to day tasks feeling self-assured and positive. The less pragmatic sacral chakra is associated with pleasure and passion. It, in balance, contributes to sensuality and intimacy. 

When these energy centers are blocked or out of balance, physical and emotional issues may arise. This can include problems with the digestive and reproductive organs. It may also manifest as anxiety or fear of intimacy. Both of these chakras are very important when it comes to how you feel in and relate to the world around you. 

The pelvic floor is an extremely important and powerful area of the body. Unfortunately, it is an area that women often take for granted or neglect. Societal pressures put on us as young girls can lead to feelings of embarrassment or shame surrounding our pelvic floors and we unknowingly carry these negative emotions with us into adulthood. 

Shame Stays in the Body

In order to dive deeper into the connection of the pelvic floor and confidence, we first have to talk about its connection to shame

Think back to your very first menstrual period. I truly hope that it was an experience of joy and excitement… However, more than likely, your primary emotions to your first bleed were fear, embarrassment, or shame. 

Suddenly, your own body becomes an enigma and the sight of blood seems like a betrayal. You may vaguely remember from minimal sex ed lessons what’s happening, but aren’t quite sure why or how to handle it. 

Many of us spend our first several menstruating years trying to keep these bodily functions a secret. The subject is taboo and we are mortified to be seen with tampons and sanitary pads. We also grow up confused and uninformed about the natural urges we begin to have during puberty. 

Often, unintentionally, adults instill shame in us as children for our innate and totally normal desires. We internalize these messages and have a hard time deciding what is appropriate. Not surprisingly, this does not set us up for a safe or enjoyable sex life. 

More than likely, your first sexual experience was awkward and uncomfortable. Instead of ecstasy and pleasure, it’s more likely that you were feeling guilt or embarrassment. This may have continued for many years as you tried to explore your sexuality. 

It’s also possible that due to your upbringing or the expectations of adults around you, you spent many years completely denying your sexual desires. Instead of having intimate and beautiful explorations with yourself or with a partner, you dismissed your body's need. 

Instead of learning to appreciate the beauty that is our cycle, we often learn to hate the area of the body that is responsible for it. We don’t learn to embrace our sexuality and are sometimes  taken advantage of. As we age, we struggle with the weight of other people’s opinions put on us and disconnect from ourselves entirely. 

The body does not easily forget. As women, we hold this special type of shame and stigma in our pelvic floors. However, when we decide to take our power back and start to intimately connect to our center, amazing things can happen. 

How Pelvic Floor Work Helps You Create an Empowered Life

When considering how the body holds on to shame from an early age, it starts to make sense that working to release these long-held beliefs can help you overcome the negative connotations you’ve applied to your own body and lead to more sexuality, confidence, and pleasure.

Physical work with the pelvic floor also helps us to start releasing all the tension and shame within the body. When connecting to the pelvic floor, we are forced to open the box we’ve kept locked away and face our shadows. We meet limiting beliefs head on and start to realize our own value. 

When the pelvic floor is holding on to stress, it can lead to tightness and discomfort. This rigidity manifests in our outer worlds as well. As women, we desire fluidity and flexibility. To live your life with more ease and confidence, it is imperative to loosen up and relax. 

When we start to relax the muscles of our pelvic floor, we learn how to stop “muscling through” other areas of our life as well. You can move from a place of softness and comfort. You can become immersed in the flow of life, and feel more grounded and focused. 

Additionally, when you start to release those blockages in the pelvic floor, you become much more connected to your intuition. When you are connected with your intuition, you are connected to your own innate wisdom; you can trust your internal cues. This allows you to live an authentic life where your wildest dreams are reality. 

All of this work helps to ground you into your unique purpose and develop confidence in who you are. When you live life from this place of security and sensuality, every day is a little sweeter and more enjoyable. 

Are You Ready To Connect to Your Pelvic Floor? 

Once I realized the beautiful connection between the pelvic floor and confidence, I knew it was my mission to share what I had learned. I’ve created my empowerment coaching program because this is profoundly powerful work. 

When an intimate and loving connection to the pelvic floor is combined with additional mindset work and breathing exercises, the results can be incredible. The methods that I use with coaching clients are tried and true within my own life. My knowledge comes from personal experience and my own personal work on myself. 

Your pelvic floor is your power center. It’s your true core and the essence of your being. The womb is a place of new beginnings. It’s where your greatest ideas are brought to life. The pelvic floor, when loved, honored and taken care of, can be a source of energy and enlightenment for you. It can help you manifest the life you were meant to lead. It can help propel you from being stuck.

The world needs more women stepping into their truth and living out their dreams. For far too long, we have disconnected from our bodies and even allowed ourselves to associate shame with our sexuality. It is time that we step into the power that we have as women and forge a more meaningful relationship with our own pelvic floor. 

There is a direct connection between your pelvic floor and your confidence. There is a connection between living in alignment with your highest self and living in tune with your womb space. Wouldn’t you like to get to know your innermost self? I bet she has a lot to say.