Why You Need a Support Team and a Coach

Life can be hard. You’re not meant to do it alone. 

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of wanting to feel better, but not having the energy to make it happen? Sometimes the best thing you can do is reach out for help. 

Research proves that having a support system is directly correlated to wellbeing. Leaning on friends, family, mental health professionals, and wellness coaches helps to combat depression, anxiety, and fatigue and leads to improved mental health and more life satisfaction. 

Ram Dass said, “We are all just walking each other home.” I believe that it can be incredibly powerful to have people in your corner that you can depend on to walk you home on your hardest days. 

Fatigue is Real

In a recent conversation with a client, she mentioned how she had a really difficult week. You know, the kind of week we all have occasionally, where energy is low and even the simplest of tasks seem overwhelming. 

As we talked, I heard her blame herself for not completing her self-care practices. She knew exactly what she should be doing, but couldn’t figure out how to make herself get up and do it. This led to shame and frustration. 

Let me remind you what I reminded her: fatigue is real. When someone is stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, etc.- their nervous system is in fight or flight mode. This means the body is focusing on surviving. 

Fatigue is very common with this and makes it harder to get up and do the extra self care things we feel like we "should" do. It becomes a cycle of being stuck in survival mode and not having the energy to get yourself to do the things that will break the cycle.

What’s even worse than just feeling tired is when you start getting down on yourself for feeling tired. Your brain becomes even more depleted as you waste energy on negative self-talk and feeling guilty for how you’re feeling! 

There’s cognitive dissonance. You know what behaviours would make you feel better, but your actions are contradictory- all of this leads to even more stress on you and your body.

It’s important to remember that feeling like this is normal, but there is always a way out. Many of us, in an attempt to be self-reliant, muscle through life. I believe that life flows more smoothly when we are able to soften and accept support when we need it. 

It’s not a lack of willpower; it’s a lack of support 

In our culture, independence is idolized. Sure, it’s good to nurture independence and develop a “can do” attitude, but unfortunately, many people take this idea too far. We throw around the word willpower. It’s this thing to be admired and a lack of it is linked to laziness. 

We compare ourselves to what we see online and the people that seemingly have it all together. There’s this weird (incorrect) assumption that the most successful people are doing everything on their own. 

All of these misconceptions can lead you to feeling like you’re not good enough. You start to believe that there must be something wrong with you- that your willpower is lacking. 

We have to start cutting ourselves some slack. Society may tell us that we have to do it all, but truly that’s not how we are built. You know the old phrase, “it takes a village”? We aren’t able to really thrive without the help of our community.

To break my cycle of depression and anxiety, I had the support of a mental health counselor, coaches, my husband, sister, and friends. They helped to lift me up (sometimes literally) and held me accountable for the self-care I knew I needed. 

With them to lean on during the hardest times, I was able to uncover the root of why I was feeling the way I was. They gave me support and a safe space to heal. 

I can’t even think about how much longer my darkest days have lasted had I not had them by my side. Studies prove that having a strong social support system is directly correlated with good mental health and overall well being. 

Getting comfortable asking for help is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself. Think about it- you wouldn’t want your best friend, partner, or child suffering in solitude. You would want to be there for them in any way you possibly could. 

Don’t let yourself feel shame or guilt around needing the support of your circle. This life can be challenging and messy, and there’s no need to make it harder than it has to be. 

In addition to seeking the help of your close family and friends, I have had great success working with a trained coach for even more support and accountability. 

How Coaching Can Help

Opening up to friends and family can be invaluable when you are at your lowest. But having the help of a coach that you trust can help you stay motivated and provide you with the tools you need to begin your healing journey. 

Coaches help you identify your goals and create a vivid vision for the life of your wildest dreams. Once you get clear on your vision, your coach will help you decide on actionable steps to achieve it. 

A coach will work with you to uncover what roadblocks have been holding you back in the past and help you to develop the skills you need to overcome them and reach your goals. Coaches use proven methods to help you achieve your fullest potential. 

A coach will be there to remind you that fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are not something you have to deal with on your own. Your coach will provide personal support to you as you take on the important work of self-discovery and healing. 

Not all coaches are the same. Most coaches specialize in certain areas, and finding the right coach for you depends on what you are struggling with the most. It’s important to connect with a coach that inspires you. 

In my personal experience, a coach can be the partner that you need to get yourself unstuck and break harmful cycles of negative and low energy. I am grateful for the assistance I’ve had from my coaches, and I am passionate about providing the same support for my clients. 

How I’d like to support you 

As an empowerment coach, my work centers on the pelvic floor, also known as the womb. Many women are disconnected from this sacred space in their own bodies, and finding their way back to that connection can be challenging. 

I provide support during this difficult innerwork, and create a safe space for women to explore their trauma and long held limiting beliefs. By connecting to their root, my clients experience amazing transformation, heal old wounds, and build more confidence. 

I use my expertise as a trained pelvic floor physical therapist to create programs that I believe can change a woman’s life. I want my clients to live their juiciest, most sensual lives, and it’s fulfilling to play a small role in their journeys. 

My unique program involves movement, exploration of the body, breathing practices, and much more. I know that it is always possible to change and create more peace and satisfaction in your life. 

I am always here to remind you that you don’t have to do this work alone. It’s normal to have bad days, and it’s normal to need a little help. Leaning on your support system is so important; I know this from personal experience.

I am extremely passionate about supporting other women, and I’d love to support you when you’re ready.